Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Melon for breakfast, 6 pack by tea-time!!!

So, before living in Oz my 'plan' was I'd get this lardy arse into gear, shape up, get fit, redefine my 'style' (find one) and generally find my 'mojo' after years of studying, working, striving, being a mum, being everything to everyone, but not sure I was truly being myself!!

It'll be easy I thought, a land where it's sunny, plenty beautiful fresh food, who after-all wants a fry up when it's 41C?? It's true the good old fry-up doesn't appeal in the heat, but I tell you what, paying $6 for a small punnet of strawberries or $30 a kilo for grapes sure puts a dent in your budget! (£4 and £20 respectively).

What no one warned me of was the danger of being on permanent holiday! Sitting out in the balmy evenings is something I'm used to saving for my 2 week holiday in the sun. Months of it, a wee glass of something, a wee bowl of crisps/peanuts/olives (delete as appropriate) on a nightly basis have taken their toll. Throw into that melting pot it's too bloody hot to wear shoes, never-mind exercise, then you may like me find yourself celebrating 6 months in paradise with an extra 14 kg (2 stone in old money).

I'm really disappointed in myself! I'd been doing so well, slowly chipping away at my weight before Perth, spinning 3-4 nights a week and generally being sensible. Sensible, I've discovered doesn't suit me terribly well, so I'm back to where I was over 10 years ago and doing the couch to 10k programme. Although after 4 babies and 10 years I've downgraded to 5k. I'm 1 week in and so far so good on the running , food and alcohol are still a problem, but i'll sort that out in the coming months!


Anonymous said...

Ten years of childbearing messed with my plans for my figure also. I never appreciated my flat tummy until it was a flabby apron. The British Military Fitness has done wonders though :-)
All the best with the fitness drive - it can be done :-)

Ameggy said...

Just back from week 2 of couch to 5k!!! Don't want to jinx it,but enjoyed the running it :-)