Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Australian Culture

Since being here I've mastered BQQing and spider hunting/assassination!! So after 7 months my total knowledge of Australian culture is appalling! Before getting here I was smug that I knew who Bert Newton is ( I'm a fan from a trip to Sydney in 2000)!!!

So here are the 'famous' Australians I know:

Kylie, Jason, Rolf Harris, Thorpedo,Shane Warne, John Torode (think he's famous in UK & not here), Danni, Craig MacLachlan!!

Pretty poor!

I can't name any famous Australian inventions or inventors (did the guy who found treatment for Heliobacter Pylori come from Oz?)


I've seen the following Australian films:
The mystery at hanging rock (not even sure that's the real name),Priscilla, Muriel's Wedding, Drift and genuinely that's it!!!

Australian novels I've read? The Slap, that's it!!

So here's the list of what I'm going to do, learn, read to understand Australia more !!

  1. Learn the rules of AFL & pick a team!!
  2. Start reading my way through the Top 50 Australian books
  3. Learn what a bloody bilby is!!
  4. Tone my thighs so I can wear a skirt without chaffing
  5. Stop inviting people to my house and start arranging to meet up at random locations 3 hours drive away, to eat a sausage in a bun with 1 beer (I'm driving) and move the contents of my house with me so I can be comfortable at said park!! Cool box, chairs, blankets! I'm going to blog about both this & 'Sausage Sizzles' at a later date!!
  6. Watch 1 Australian film every month ( any recommendations much appreciated).
  7. Learn to be safe at the beach! I need to get wee ones into Surfies & I'm contemplating doing the training to be a helper at Surf Club

Other than this list, does anyone have any other suggestions?


ET said...

Love your perspectives on life!

Firstly- the 'cool box'? I think you mean 'Eskie' :)
Now Movies- Mad Max, the Castle, BMX Bandits :), Crocodile Dundee., the Dish. I know with your sense of humour you will take these for the light hearted poke at Aust - they are.
Not a big reader- so not much help with that one.
Happy to take a drive with you too!

Ameggy said...

Yay!!!!! I have a comment! Thanks ET!! Ill rent one of the movies this weekend!! Really feeling like a square peg in a round hole at the mo, but writing the blog helping. X

Pamela Doyle said...

I love the Australian author Bryce Courtney. Start with the Potato Factory,it is the first of a trilogy, you wont want to put it down and perfect reading for the cold winter nights. The follow up books are as enthralling. Great way to get a feel for Australian history too!

Pamela Doyle said...
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Ameggy said...

Hi Pamela thanks so much for the recommendations! I'll put a request in at library. Hope you're enjoying my blog! Love it when people comment