Saturday, June 29, 2013

Smitten Saturday-Friends
Glasgow Mummy

Its been a while since i've blogged and to be honest I've been going through another "not sure' phase!! I hanker after something that isn't quite here yet & perhaps I'm being a bit sentimental & at times unrealistic. The top and the bottom of it is i miss my friends terribly. I couldn't care less if i ever have a can of Irn Bru, square slice sausage, tattie scone again, but i do wonder if i I've sacrificed friendships i'll never have again for the sake of this adventure!

We left in such a rush, and i was so adamant i didn't want a leaving party i don't think i got the chance to say goodbye properly. I was naive in thinking i would hear from people frequently, and i have to say I'm just as guilty, but its difficult to phone people to tell them you're a bit unhappy or equally you love it here. In my experience both conversations are met with a bit of difficulty. Ive told people I'm loving it here and they've gotten a bit shitty with if I'm saying Scotland is crap!! Equally you want to vent a wee bit about the rubbish bits and I've been met with a level of "well just come back"!! so the result is I've not been Facetiming etc as much as maybe i should, hence the blog. Its the easy way out almost.

So back to the point i think i will always struggle to have friends like in Scotland, I've come to the conclusion I'm scottish to the core and that means i need funny, sarcastic, intelligent, slightly unhinged, borderline alcoholic friends!! I've met some amazing people here and some absolutley self-centred arseholes too.

So this Smitten Saturday i would like to say to all my friends back in the UK i miss you all

The friend who can be silent with us in a moment of despair or confusion, who can stay with us in an hour of grief and bereavement, who can tolerate not knowing... not healing, not curing... that is a friend who cares.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Glasgow Mummy
Touching Wood, Headless Chickens, Meeting myself coming back the way

This week has been mental! There is actually no other way to describe it, hence my writing my Smitten Saturday post on a Wednesday!! Expect Wednesday Wobbles some time on Sunday!

So in this journey to this point in time I've been a bit down, a bit unsure of my future here in Oz and just generally not myself. Its not in my nature to be inert, I'm definitely better with a project, a list, etc etc. So finally i decided to sign back up to Phoenix Trading. Literally the minute i did that i got a call to confirm a second interview in Sydney for a brilliant job here in WA.

So last week i re-entered the adult world, without children attached to my leg, wearing a suit, high heels, lippy, earrings, perfume....the works!! The interview went well, but possibly the highlight was i managed a wee vino with my mum, lunch with my brother, 6 wines and 3 movies on the plane (post interview)!!

Me & Mum on Balcony near Darling Harbour
Big bed, bath, wine YES!! Missing the kids NO!!

Meeting my bro for lunch

On Friday I hooked up with my friend Brenda from school. We haven't seen each other for 20 years and she reconfirmed to me that some of the funniest people i will ever know were brought up on that crazy wee island! It really was from One Island to Another, but it was as if no time had passed at all, there's so much to be said for people who knew you in those formative years.

Beautiful Flowers From Brenda T
On my return i got a call from another agency for a great job here in Perth, near the house and that's where i was on Tuesday. I got to the next stage with that and have spent most of tonight doing psychometric tests.

So why, touching wood, headless chickens, etc etc? Well I am feeling brilliant. Even if I don't get these jobs, its been great to realise i do have skills that are utilisable (after the shelf stacking rebuttal), I'm really positive about my wee cards business, i truly think there's mileage in it and I'm enjoying being busy, busy and juggling and being a wee bit stressed, it suits me!

So my smitten Saturday is that i'm in love with being in demand!! The chaos and the running about is brilliant and whilst I'm like that every day for the rest of the family I'm getting a buzz from doing stuff for me.

So please cross everything for me, touch some wood, say a little prayer whatever it may be and if you see me looking like a headless chicken point me in the right direction or buy me a wine x

Friday, June 14, 2013

A day out in Rockingham

So I've got 2 voucher books, Kidzabuzz and the Entertainment Book. We've been feeling a bit fed up of late that our finances aren't allowing us to see as much of WA as we'd like, so when we can we're playing 'voucher lottery'!! I find something we want to do and then try and build a day round it using our voucher books!

So far it's been great ( see cuddly farm).

This week we went to Rockingham. There was a voucher for $10 to visit a local conservation project, The Rockingham Regional Environmental Centre. We're all suckers for an exhibition and throw in an animal or 2 and we're there.

TBH it was a bit run down & not a huge amount to see, but it had a really cool wee park, which my 3 loved and we'll go back in the summer to see a movie ( they have a fab outdoor cinema area).

It had this interesting sign IN the play park which had Craig and I running around clapping our hands and shouting, just in case!

Whilst it wasn't a terribly plush or 'put together' place, you know what, GO! For $10 and to support the volunteers I thought it was good. Plus no tearoom or gift shop, so no asking for stuff.

From there we went to the seafront in Rockingham and had a picnic. Craig fancied a coffee, so i googled MuzzBuzz and found one less than a mile away (buy one grand latte get one free). The whole of the front has loads of parks. The only downsides were if you looked to the right, the view is awful (grain silos i think), and there were loads of bikies roaring along the front! I'm a bit if a scaredy cat when it comes to biker gangs etc. But overall I felt really safe with the girls and at this point Rockingham seemed really nice.

Our next stop was the park at ferry terminal for Penguin Island. The girl in the shop was dead helpful & we were talking about going to come back in late spring to spend a day over there! There was a gift shop so we had 20mins of 'no you do NOT NEED a kangaroo for $40'!! Up until this point i was thoroughly enjoying our day and feeling very much relaxed and enjoying the chilled "vibe".

Now, 15 some years selling methadone in the west coast of Scotland has made aware of certain "social nuances" and probably top 10 on the list is "you don't put sharps bins in public toilets unless people regularly shoot up there"!! Well, that was it, "shoes on kids", "watch where you're walking", "get back in the car"!! It's a fact of Australian life that within 2 days, your children will become feral and resist at all opportunity the request to wear shoes!! Intravenous needles and barefooted toddlers don't go!! Sorry Penguin Island left a bit of a bad taste!

So as a final treat and to use our vouchers off we trotted to Baskin & Robbins in the centre of Rockingham. The centre is lovely, quite touristy, but having just come from "the needle experience" i was thankful for "touristy". Our eldest about wet herself when i told her she could have any sundae she wanted (she didn't know i had a BOGOF voucher snaffled up my sleeve). BOGOF sundaes were consumed (with 5 spoons) and all in all we had a terrific day out!

Since telling people we went to Rockingham for the day many locals have snickered!! I'm beginning to wonder if its the British equivalent of going to Sellafield. But upon reflection to have done what we did for $10+$4.20+$10=$24.20, i think it was brilliant and im sure if i ask my 3 "do you want to go to the park with the deadly snakes?" they'll say "YES"!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Part 2 Photos of My Belly

Supporting mums losing weight – Wobbles Wednesday

I am linking up with Naked Mum, to let you know what I am doing about my wobbles.  I have been meaning to link up with this #WobblesWednesday for weeks  ( sorry Kate not worked out how to link and in a rush at the mo)!

So stood on the scales as per my Myfitnesspal weigh-in day and I've stayed the same, which is quite annoying. Having said that I lost my wallet yesterday and my very rational response to that was to eat 2 bags of crisps and 8 chocolate digestives AND I missed my run! Annoyed with myself but moving on to today and a fresh start!

Just tried on THE denim skirt barometer and pleased with the progress. That's 30 days and only 4kg in weight but happy to see bellies decreasing and muffin slimming down

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

THE Plan!!!!

So here we are 15000 km from Scotland & the plan we made before we got here is about as useful as a sungle sheet of loo roll in a Calcutta Curry House Loo.

Before we came we assumed/ planned/ thought the following:

1. We'd be loaded
2. We'd be able to save a fortune
3. We'd be as fit as butcher's dogs within 6 months
4. With my personality & qualifications I'd be turning down jobs daily
5. See 4. And add I'd be picking & choosing hours & money!!
6. We'd be able to see Australia & Asia see 1.
7. We'd see my family here loads see 1
8. We wouldn't watch as much tv as in Scotland see 1

9. Craig wouldn't do as many hours
10. We'd generally be an amazing family prospering in the sun

The reality is it's very expensive. But we're also starting to see a bit of WA, doing some running (it's free), I'm finally getting interviews, so I think we're turning a corner and I think we are starting to prosper

Monday, June 10, 2013

Self censorship

When I started writing this blog it was with the firm belief that over the course of it I'd excorcise some demons and clean some emotional slates clean. But I think I've made one fatal mistake, I've let people know its me writing and subsequently i cant share too much.......folks would recognise themselves.

So, I find myself at a bit of a blogging impasse. Do I continue to be open in my writing ie write as topics come to mind and say what I think I need to say or do I remain emotionally constipated? Should I restart my blog anonymously?

As a couple we've both over the years kept a close counsel, on my part because I'm trying to protect those around me. In my darkest days after losing Gabriel I'm not sure I know anyone who could have 'got' it barring Claire & Nic, so sharing doesn't come easy!! Well sharing tit bits & humour comes easy but salving the soul, not so much.

So what am I self censoring you might ask? Well a lot. Those of you who follow me on Facebook will have seen me ranting today & that was me holding back.  And there is the problem. I didn't start blogging to take photos of my food & recipe share. So whilst I am quietly working my way to 100 new recipes, I found it really boring to write about, so god bless those who read it, but I'm not going to do again. 

My passion in my life has been in the people I meet, the foibles of humans, their geeky passions and I think that's what I thrive on and it's certainly what makes me laugh. But it's with a heavy heart that I say this adventure is really an uphill struggle, full of some really negative moments. Today was a dark day for me. 

So, whilst I muse over what to do, I will try & blog about Oz and finding our way here, but not the insane behaviours I have been faced with.

Any and all advice welcome, but I'm erring on anonymous. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Glasgow Mummy
The People I Seem to Attract

I seem to "attract" people, strange people, funny people, i seem to have more "experiences" than most and for that i'm thankful. This week i'm smitten by the love of an old man.

This week has been interesting and it's made me laugh and cry in equal measure. Here are 2 things that happened to me this week that have shown me how life can be both negative and positive depending on how you face it and deal with it!! ( i really hope my written story telling can do these justice)!

So, on Wednesday morning i found myself wearing my spin gear with 2 littlest in tow outside my class 45 mins early!! Whilst i felt very smug, i simultaneously felt like a bit of a eedgit! So i decided to take advantage of the beautiful morning it was and have a coffee in a pavement cafe in Scarborough.

So armed with our Barbi dolls we sat, i hoped quietly in the corner to allow fellow diners to enjoy their coffees etc. The girls were being reasonably good, well for a 2 & a 3 year old trying to learn to share their dollies. I was sitting daydreaming a bit, basking in the glory of my total organisation at being up and at it at this time , when this ample bosomed older lady (70 plus) wearing matching golf gear and visor stopped dead and stood momentarily and stared at me!! 

"look at that spoiled little brat, making all that noise and not even a tear in her eye. Shes just bloody well at it. Ungrateful spoiled brats out in cafes. Children nowadays are spoiled rotten". 

Mmmm i though OK, just pacify her (8 cafe dwellers were staring)! 

" oh well she is only 2", said I, " she's only learning".

"it's the parent ye know" said the old weeble. "are you their Nana?". Well i swear to god, my youngest is  whiner and to some extent the old bat was right, but NANA!! 

So that was Wednesday, and showed me what happens when you grow old into a self righteous, opinionated and altogether not very nice badly dressed old bat! 

On Friday afternoon after school i met an old man who was the polar opposite, Ray, who will forever and a day be known as a Ray of Sunshine.

The girls & I were out for walk/scooter round a lake near here. Lily & Iz had charged ahead and I could see Lily talking away to an old man on one of the cross trainers. As i approached i could see he was probably in his 80's and he gave me a beam of a smile, told me what wonderful girls i had and we began to chat. 

I could detect a bit of an accent and it turned out he'd come out to Perth in 1951 following his national service (he'd served with the marines). He told me about how he'd met his wife, who was a dancer and how she'd performed in the west end of London and at the end of Brighton Pier. They both loved to dance, went line dancing, jive, any and everything. 

It was getting late by this point and the girls were getting cold, hungry and restless. After a further brief chat and the start of our goodbyes, Ray leant into me and whispered 

"I buried my wife this morning, I's just trying to keep busy", in the softest of welsh voices. 

I can tell you it took all my strength to not start blubbing there and then. I gave him a wee cuddle and squeezed his hand and we said our goodbyes.

I'm left wondering how one person can go into their day and berate and abuse a 2 year old and another has the heart and strength to bury their wife of 51 years and yet remain steadfast, courteous and charming. I shall look for Ray now when I visit the lake, I might even let him take me for a twirl.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Cooking Up Century Recipe #1

So at last I've sat down to share a recipe and guess what i forgot to take a photo!! Never mind, the spinach in it makes it a bit green!!!

So here goes

Chicken, Spinach & Potato Curry

2 tbsp oil
1 onion, finely chopped
2 tablespoons korma pasta ( i use Pataks)
1 large potatoes (i use 3 to stretch to feeding 5 of us)
0.5 cups chicken stock ( i make mine with an Oxo cube)
1 Can coconut milk ( I use light)
250g packet of frozen spinach
500g chicken breast ( I use skinless, boneless thighs to save money)

1 Heat oil in heavy based pan/frying pan.
2 Add onion & cook until transparent
3 Add curry paste & potato & cook for 5 mins until potato brown
4 Add stock & coconut milk
5 Bring to the boil
6 Add chicken & spinach
7 Simmer for 45 mins with lid on, the longer the better.
8 Serve with rice!!


Who ate it?
Everyone ate this curry

Very, once its on the go just check it every wee while! (after stage 6 transfer to slow cooker for 4-6 hours)

Cook again?
We eat this curry probably once a fortnight

Cost effective?
Yes if you use thighs as i do

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Glasgow Mummy
Taking photos of my Belly'!

So a few weeks ago I was determined to get back in control of my eating & exercising! 

I cleared out my wardrobe and took some photos of myself wearing clothes that fitted me before my Australian adventure began!

Ive logged in every day to myfitnesspal for 20 days, been out running/walking 3 times a week and been spinning twice a week!! I haven't lost a pound! 

Talk about feeling the need to eat a bag of donuts!!? Well i didn't ( i ate 2 single donuts, not bags) i felt really annoyed with myself and yesterday i tried on one of the skirts from my "Wobbles in the Wardrobe About Weight"!! 

This was a last resort, i actually think my mindset was "i'm crap at this, i'll be fat forever, excercise and healthy (ish) eating don't work for me, i'll just wear spanx forever and after this get MacDonalds breakfast"!!

Well, ta dah!!!!!!

This is me trying on my Billabong skirt that i love 20 days ago! But, as you can see a long top wont hide the muffin!! ( I can't even think you can call it a muffin, it's more like a "large Vienna loaf unsliced").

Same skirt, knickers, tee-shirt!!! It would seem I am toning up. Delighted but would still like to see a few pounds falling off the scales!