Tuesday, May 28, 2013

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The last few weeks, the weeks running up to my writing this blog have been tough. Australia & Perth are beautiful, but it would seem that at 6 months in, the holiday was over & I was struggling. Craig is good at work, youngest 2 still think they're in Scotland, Australia in Scotland. Our eldest is starting to find her way after our decision to change schools, which leaves me.

When you read about people who come here & then return to the UK the majority do so because mum hasn't settled. And I get that. Its difficult to start again and part of that is reconciling the leaving behind. I left Scotland in a tizz and probably didn't get a chance to say my goodbyes properly. You land here and it soon becomes apparent that unless we go back to Scotland, the chances of us seeing most of our friends and family again are very unlikely.

Skype & Facetime have been great for keeping for me & Lily to get a natter with friends and granny, and Skype has really been very useful in my having interviews with recruitment agencies over in Sydney. YES I'm looking for a job!!
Even Granny has bought an IPad

Which brings me onto my next new advance, LinkedIn. I've been on it for years, but to be honest really haven't done anything with it. Turns out in Australia it's used prolifically by companies and recruiters, so I've been steadily adding new contacts and getting the word out there that I'm "available". Two absolutely lovely things have happened from LinkedIn, a former business associate and a customer have written recommendations for me, and i tell you it really has motivated me and touched me, their words were so kind and its really lovely to read the positive things they had to say.

Now according to my other half I'm addicted to Facebook! And to be honest he might be right, but i love it!! I love that when i started writing my blog, friends from years ago have commented and engaged in it! Its surprised me who is reading it, friends, close friends don't seem to be and some people I've never met are reading it which is amazing. I love that through Facebook i know wee Millie is learning to ride her bike, that Gillian has got a cockerpoo pup (?), that the Eaglesham fair is this Saturday (me & Lily are gutted to be missing it). I guess over time i might not look at facebook quite so much but at the mo its a bit of a lifeline to our old life.

And finally the best, best thing I've taken to using is MyFitnessPal app!! OMG talk about a wake up call, its like my slimming world sheets, but on my phone! Now you all know I've got 3 stone to lose and so far so good! I think I've dropped 4lbs since starting to use it, but the biggest value has been in stopping me gorging and making me exercise to counteract the bad days, and to build exercise back into my daily routine! I've found a spin class which is brilliant and I'm back sweating my way through an hour of purgatory!

After looking at my "performance" on Sunday (before i had my tea), i went for a run/fast walk! It didn't counteract all the damage of a very carb loaded Sunday picnic, but i did pull it back a bit!! Also highlighted quite clearly that weekends are my problem! I don't exercise at all over the weekend and i think this is where my problem lies! I kinda revert back to a terrible sedentary lifestyle, so all thanks to MyFitnessPal i feel I'm on my way. The other brilliant thin is I'm hooking up with my 'mummy" friends back in Scotland and we're messaging each other encouragement and reminders when we've not logged our diaries!

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Anonymous said...

Yes - all of Eaglesham is checking the forecasts on a minute by minute basis in anticipation of the fair. We'll take anything better than two years ago. Yesterday was a shocker of a bank holiday weatherwise so it was. Relentless rain, dark sky - kind of like last July.

However, I've sourced the necessary outfits for the kids and we will be parading come hail or high water.

Glad to hear the fitness app is giving you a boost.

All the best for the job-hunting!