Monday, April 29, 2013

Drift preview!!!!

Lily & I were lucky enough to see a preview of Drift & take part in a Q&A with Sam Worthington, Myles Pollard & Xavier Samuel. All 3 are gorgeous, Myles in the flesh & Xavier on the screen, sorry Sam, you didn't float my boat!!

I loved the movie and I mean LOVED! I'm a child of the 80's and I loved Point Break, this is better! It makes you wish you were there in 1972 rather than born in 72 like me! It gave me a mid life crisis, I wanted to go buy a board & suit as soon as I left the cinema!

W.A. looks amazing, anyone wondering why we've come here watch this film!! It's spurred me in to learn more about Australian culture & tbh it's given me a kick up the arse to be part of what's going on here! Lily met a star of Twilight, he was just there, talking to us, none of the crazy shit you'd get in Europe, typical WA, you know meet an international movie star in your local cinema!

Go see it, its brilliant and it's even more brilliant cause these guys love surfing, love WA and it's contagious.

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