Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cooking Up A Century.

Before i gave birth to this blog i have been quietly plugging away at a culinary challenge! Inspired my friend Katy, who managed to cook up one new recipe every week last year i decided to try and beat that with 100 recipes this year!! And to be fair I've doing brilliantly, sometimes doing 4 a week!! Spot the woman with too much time on her hands and a weight problem!!

Anyways its May now and I've started blogging so in time honour blogger style i need to start taking photos of my food!! Only problem is i need to revisit most things to take a bloody photo of it to prove I'm on track to hit 100!!

My plan if it's of use, is to give you the recipe, tell you if it was easy, expensive to make, any short cuts i saw and most importantly if the 3 brats and himself enjoyed it! Nothing worse than cooking up a storm to be faced with 

"eeeeewww what's that??

"eeeeewww its green/yellow/red/got eyes/ got a tail/ etc etc"

"why cant we get normal food?"

"this is sooooooo unfair"

Hope you get the picture! And more so join in or let me know how the recipes were for you!

The first recipe will be Spinach, Chicken & Potato Curry, but I'll need to make first! Should be with you on Friday night x


vickyv said...

That curry sounds nice Ailsa. I am totally with you on the kid/husband comments - mine are right ungrateful sods sometimes!!! X

Anonymous said...

I want to learn to make a curry so good that I never need get a carry out again. It worked for Chinese, but still struggling to knock myself out, as it were, with curry prowess.

Perth Mummy said...

Thanks guys! love that you commented! Sometimes it can feel like i'm a lone voice in the ether!! Curry to come! Its pretty simple and we all eat it, including kiddy winkles!!