Saturday, May 18, 2013

Smitten Saturday - Coventry village

So I'm sitting trying to think what I've been loving this last week and it's actually pretty unglamorous and a little bit too 'housewifey' for my liking, but its Coventry Village in Morley.

For those who haven't been its advertised as a "global eating" experience, with international supermarkets and restaurants.

I've been 3 times in the last 3 weeks and I have to say I think it's more cosmopolitan that most of Perth in terms of both the clientele and the shops. I haven't managed round the whole place yet as the 2 wee ones love the big "free" soft play in the middle of the markets and I love the coffee from the nearby coffee shop. I've been in each time and consistently the coffee is the best I've had since I've been here ( and I am a self confessed coffee wanker)! It has a lot to do with the staff, who're really friendly and obliging (on my visit today, the lovely french girl asked me if id like my "usual", LOVED THAT!!) 

Now as much as I'd like to recommend the cafe to you I'm not sure of its name as i think its in the middle of being re branded! It might be called Kaldi? Or Fiori, but i think it sells Fiori coffee? Anyways, if you're there it's on the left hand side near the back if you're at the soft play. It has an amazing array of eclectic chairs and tables which add to its "coolness' in my opinion! 

As anyone living in Perth knows its extortionate and any pennies saved are worthwhile. I think I'm saving shopping here, even with the drive. My benchmarks are chicken and bananas! $7.99 and $1.99 a kilo respectively! 

The other 2 stand out shops for me were the "Spice Wagon" which is a wee cave full of every spice imaginable, the smells are amazing and if like me you like curries, baking etc the lovely South African (?) owner has everything, and you can just buy a little so it's always fresh!! Bought saffron today for paella!! Loved it, girls loved it too!

And, the last one is the "Ye Old Lolly Shoppe". The girls love the rides outside and the amazing range of sweeties inside.

I don't think Coventry Village 
is glamorous, far from it, but it is fun. A lady I talked to told me not to come on a Saturday morning cause the families on Saturdays can be 'feral'. Guess when I'm planning my next visit?  

For any scots reading this its a kinda hybrid of Parkhead Forge and the Barras. It's not a tourist destination, but i do think its better value than the supermarkets and a bit more real than the western suburbs. 

See you there next week!!!


Tricia Pierce said...

I agree that this is an awesome place. Simone loves to play at the playground too :). And yes, you do save quite a bit from shopping there.

Ameggy said...

We need to go & hang out!!!