Saturday, May 4, 2013

Smitten Saturday : My First Born

So what am I loving just now? Its not what, it's who and I'm reluctant to share in case I jinx it!!

Its my eldest girl. She's been a pretty challenging wee girl since we arrived in Oz, but to be fair she was in the months leading up to this move. I'm riddled with guilt, that we've done the wrong thing for her and her future. She loved her life in Scotland, she had great friends, a great school and at 9 she'd more or less mapped her wee life out. She was secure, confident and really happy!! Then we moved to Australia.

It could well be that her demeanour and behaviour would have been the same in Scotland, it's hard to say, it may have been her hormones, but her and I have been at each other's throats for nearly a year now and it really had started to take its toll on me and her and her daddy! And then this last week, someone somewhere has flicked a switch and my funny, kind, quirky and generally amazing 10 year old daughter has emerged. I'm not sure where she's been or how long it will last, but I've had the most amazing time with her over the school holidays, we've laughed and laughed. Had lovely cuddles, "big" chats about her "future" (she's a pretty determined wee bugger) and generally enjoyed each others company.

I know it might not last, but whilst it does I'm loving it.

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