Saturday, June 1, 2013

Glasgow Mummy
Taking photos of my Belly'!

So a few weeks ago I was determined to get back in control of my eating & exercising! 

I cleared out my wardrobe and took some photos of myself wearing clothes that fitted me before my Australian adventure began!

Ive logged in every day to myfitnesspal for 20 days, been out running/walking 3 times a week and been spinning twice a week!! I haven't lost a pound! 

Talk about feeling the need to eat a bag of donuts!!? Well i didn't ( i ate 2 single donuts, not bags) i felt really annoyed with myself and yesterday i tried on one of the skirts from my "Wobbles in the Wardrobe About Weight"!! 

This was a last resort, i actually think my mindset was "i'm crap at this, i'll be fat forever, excercise and healthy (ish) eating don't work for me, i'll just wear spanx forever and after this get MacDonalds breakfast"!!

Well, ta dah!!!!!!

This is me trying on my Billabong skirt that i love 20 days ago! But, as you can see a long top wont hide the muffin!! ( I can't even think you can call it a muffin, it's more like a "large Vienna loaf unsliced").

Same skirt, knickers, tee-shirt!!! It would seem I am toning up. Delighted but would still like to see a few pounds falling off the scales!


Anonymous said...

That's great!
I struggle to come to terms with lack of weight loss due to improvement muscle tone also - but you can't argue with your pic!
As for a bag of donuts - I bought a bag of four fresh donuts at a stall at the Eaglesham fair today. Ate one - very delicious! Ate another - felt a bit sick!
Serves me right. Luckily I found others willing to eat the remaining too.

Kim Luinstra said...

Congratulations on your success! The skirt is probably a great way to measure success rather than the scale. I love the skirt.

Glasgow Mummy said...

That's a massive difference!!! Well done :-)
I need to stop eating cake... but properly struggling to break bad habits. I think I'm better than what I was, but need to rein it in!
I was shocked when I saw that Colin the Caterpillar was over 600 calories!!