Tuesday, June 11, 2013

THE Plan!!!!

So here we are 15000 km from Scotland & the plan we made before we got here is about as useful as a sungle sheet of loo roll in a Calcutta Curry House Loo.

Before we came we assumed/ planned/ thought the following:

1. We'd be loaded
2. We'd be able to save a fortune
3. We'd be as fit as butcher's dogs within 6 months
4. With my personality & qualifications I'd be turning down jobs daily
5. See 4. And add I'd be picking & choosing hours & money!!
6. We'd be able to see Australia & Asia see 1.
7. We'd see my family here loads see 1
8. We wouldn't watch as much tv as in Scotland see 1

9. Craig wouldn't do as many hours
10. We'd generally be an amazing family prospering in the sun

The reality is it's very expensive. But we're also starting to see a bit of WA, doing some running (it's free), I'm finally getting interviews, so I think we're turning a corner and I think we are starting to prosper

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