Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Part 2 Photos of My Belly

Supporting mums losing weight – Wobbles Wednesday

I am linking up with Naked Mum, to let you know what I am doing about my wobbles.  I have been meaning to link up with this #WobblesWednesday for weeks  ( sorry Kate not worked out how to link and in a rush at the mo)!

So stood on the scales as per my Myfitnesspal weigh-in day and I've stayed the same, which is quite annoying. Having said that I lost my wallet yesterday and my very rational response to that was to eat 2 bags of crisps and 8 chocolate digestives AND I missed my run! Annoyed with myself but moving on to today and a fresh start!

Just tried on THE denim skirt barometer and pleased with the progress. That's 30 days and only 4kg in weight but happy to see bellies decreasing and muffin slimming down

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Anonymous said...

That's pretty good going! Good choice of baseline garment also. That's been a very successful fitness drive! Well done.
I am now on a drive to lose a final 7lb before returning to work after the "summer". The fat to muscle thing has really annoyed me - so hard to quantify and therefore come to terms with - but it is a real thing. My weight has been static for AGES but, allegedly, my face is still thinning down. Not my gut, sadly. I can still look 7 months pregnant if I really try...