Thursday, January 9, 2014


I've been finding myself in a rut and to be truthful feeling like a shit mum, i seem to have started to shout a lot since I've got to the land of Oz. I know it's the role of a mum to feel guilty, but i thought I'd get so much from my kids and being around them and i find myself desperate to get away from them! Just for a coffee or to read a book, my other half never feels like this and i think takes it personally when I'm so happy when they all go out!

Part of the problem is the 2 wee ones are constantly fighting, proper bitch fighting and the eldest is a bundle of hormones who is constantly moaning/ whining/ slamming doors and if I'm completely honest i don't enjoy spending time with them at the moment. That then fills me with guilt and i feel awful to have 3 beautiful wee girls, to whom I'm just a big moaning, nagging pain in the arse!!

If anyone has any suggestions that'd be most welcome. The bond between me and the kids seems to have weakened so much and I do think my shouting, nagging is having an effect on them and on me. 

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