Monday, May 12, 2014

Pish, pish, chakras and philosophy

I spent a wee bit of time recently in Denmark ( the australian one). As I'm prone to do I dragged everyone to a craft market!!! C's eyes glaze at the mention, but off we trotted to duly buy shite we don't need and have our faces painted!!! I happened upon a man doing massages and as someone who is in constant neck & back pain I freely chucked him $30 and the challenge of " try and get rid of these knots"!!

In retrospect I was attracted to this chap as he was obviously a hippy but in a "stacked, I look after myself kinda way". He stood with his shaved head, bare feet, bulging biceps and straight eyed look and took up my gauntlet readily 2 minutes in and I was putty in his hands as he pounded my neck and back. As we chatted our narrative turned to work, balance and everything in between. Contrary to first impressions he was a FIFO mine worker, who worked 4 months a year in the arse end of Western Australia to allow him the luxury of pounding city dwellers like my backs' on his free weekends!!

So why tell this tale?? Well he hit a chord with me. We talked star signs, I told him it's a load of pish. We talked chakras, I told him it's a load of pish. He took my dismissal on the chin and duly told me that as a piscean, with an acute artistic bent, if I didn't find an outlet for my creativity I would continue to self implode in a series of knotted muscles. He talked to me of the number of people such as myself he had met in his 50 odd years who had ignored their creative needs in favour of money making, stale pursuits who had turned to derisive habits, that had only resulted in negative behaviours, thoughts, addictions etc. And I agree.

 In my youth I'd have made mix tapes, saw live bands, debated movies, customised clothes, up scaled this that and the other. And now I find myself needing to reinvent that part of my life, I need to add value to my existence. So I'm back blogging. And as I first started out to do I'm looking for some catharsis of past mistakes and future possibilities.


Kim Luinstra said...

My friend, I know you'll be surprised to hear that I'm thinking of "back blogging" too.... Xoxoxo

Ameggy said...

Hi Canadian Kim!!! Great day today x

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