Tuesday, July 16, 2013

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Over the last few weeks I've met a few folks who refer to "my home" as "Engerland". You need to bear in mind my other half is from the lower part of mainland Britain, so i should be tolerant of the wind ups, but in truth its not folks winding me up tongue in cheek, its people genuinely not knowing that scottish people do not feel english!! And are in the main wildly passionate about the difference. 

 So that brings me round to how my poor aussie friends must feel meeting all these Brits comparing Australia & Australians to Brits and seldom in a positive light! The confusing thing about Australia is the similarities dupe you into thinking the culture, morals, values etc are the same. 

I've realised that my Aussie friends are right to talk about the whinging poms. Someone i was talking to recently was whining on about Perth and to be quite honest i felt like telling them to "shut up". And that's when i realised I've been just as bad!! It's seldom i wake up and think "ya beauty, its sunny, I'm 5 mins from the ocean and life is easier", but i should!

So having been in Perth for 10 months & heading for the year mark, there are certain things I've made peace with. 

Perth for me i don't think will ever be home, i think home will always be a wee postage stamp of green in the Clyde estuary. But as i see the next phase starting, with a new job, an aupair etc i think Perth could be the making of me & us. I feel happy here in the main and i feel we can as a family really start to make things happen.

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Rae Hilhorst said...

Hi, I am living in Perth, bitterly cold today so made the time to sit in the warm and research some new blogs. Hope things work out for you here. xxx Rae